Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Super Dooper Music Looper!!

I found that when using this software, it was simple. There wasn't anything really that was 'music knowledge' in particular. And for me that was great. The program, I found was very user friendly and more importantly, child friendly. I see no reason why a child could not make a piece of music (which would probably be better than mine).

Unfortunately I have mot been able to add my music to this post as I am not sure how to, if it is even possible. If you know of a way to add a music file please let me know or say how you found the software.

1 comment:

  1. This programme was indeed friendly to use! We had lots of fun mixing the beats!! I to have struggled with the old uploading, was driving me nuts!! I put it on the esnips website that Rachel mentioned...however apparently mine doesn't play on there either, reeally can't be stuffed to change it again!! But yer you could try that, see if it works for you!!